Eatin’ good in the neighborhood…

We all find ourselves thinking about certain themes and situations over a period of time.

I’ve been doing just that.

One of those things I’ve been thinking about is fear.

Everyone has it. Nobody wants it. What do we do with it?

Fear has been a paralyzing factor in my life before. Like every man, I fear failure. There were a lot of things that came easily to me while growing up, and others I had to work fairly hard on in order to even be competent at. The biggest, glaring difference though, is that I spent most of my time doing the things I KNEW I would succeed at.

Everyone thought I was an adventurous kid, and to an extent this may have been true, but inside I was terrified of everything I did that reached beyond the confines of normalcy for me.

In a movie I saw recently, a man is referring to an Applebee’s restaurant when he says, “Do you know why people eat at places like this? Fear of the unknown.”

This sucked to hear because I personally like Applebee’s, but there’s a lot of truth to the idea. I could name you almost every item on the menu; this is partially because I worked as a server there, but mostly because I enjoy the food on a regular basis. I know that no matter what town I’m in, no matter how far away from home, I can rely on the consistency and reliability of an Applebee’s.

I think this idea is so applicable to many areas of our lives.

I tell myself that I’m branching out, trying things that I never would have imagined possible before, but what if it’s all really just a glossed over menu item I can get at any other place in life?

How often do we really reach out? When was the last time any of us have done anything remotely out of the norm? We all have different ideas about what the norm is, but do we push them to the next level?

When is the next level too much?

I could sit here and ask questions all day, but then we would get nowhere and be extremely bored in the process.

I’ll close with one last thought before jumping off my thirty foot tall soapbox…

If there was one thing you could do that you have yet to do in your life, within the confines of reality (as in the laws of physics and logic), what would it be?

Now, what’s keeping you from doing that?


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