There’s Something About Mar(r)y(ing)…

If you’ve been paying attention to the upcoming voting season (and if you’re a good little American, you have), you may have noticed several efforts on national and local fronts concerning gay marriage bans.

For the past few years, this has been a hot button topic, and quite frankly, an over-hyped one.

My thoughts on gay marriage range from Scripturally-based to complete misinformation.

But the doozey of an argument that I love best is this…

Gay marriage will bring about the break-down of the traditional American family and its values…

Now this isn’t a political blog, so I try to stay away from political topics, but this is just a movement that intrigues and interests me.  Everyone seems to have an opinion, and their’s is the only right one.

Understand, I’m not a relativist; so I don’t believe that whatever you think is true is true for yourself, and different for everyone else, but what if this issue is more than just black and white, right and wrong?

To give an argument that gay marriage will ruin your family and corrupt its values is just plain…silly.

Now, I’m not pro-gay, or even amateur gay for that matter, but I’m disturbed by people’s lack of perspective and insight to this issue.

If two dudes kissing and wearing rings while getting a tax break is enough to destroy your family, then there are some serious issues that need to be figured out with your house.

Which brings me to this…a much better idea if you ask me…


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