You know what this is about…

In light of last night’s election, what I write may only register a wimpy little “squeak” when compared to the enormity of action taking place on the blogosphere today.

But regardless of how loud I am, and how redundant this topic may already be, there are some key things to be discussed here.

History has been made. Regardless of where you stand politically, who you voted for, who you agree with the most, significant steps towards reconciliation are taking place. In fact, I would say the most significant step has been taken.

One day, we will look back at this moment as perhaps the greatest achievement for the African American race, and America as a country. But of course, this does not negate previous mountains hurdled, for today’s achievement is carried on the back of yesterday’s success.

I don’t yet know what kind of president we will have four years from now, or even four months from now. So speculation on either side of the idea is without foundation and rationale. But it cannot be denied that we are living in a time of, for lack of a better term due to overuse, change.

I do not believe President-elect Obama is the Anti-Christ, like some of my dear brothers and sisters are labeling him. I wouldn’t even call him a distant relative.

I will not entertain such useless rabble as this, for it is completely absurd and ignorant. I won’t even touch on the biblical ramifications of the mistakes being made here.

On a lesser note, I won’t even comment on his character, for I do not even know him personally. I’ve never met him, nor have I ever been anywhere within five miles of him, to my knowledge. The only basis for understanding of who our soon-to-be president is comes from the interviews, campaign ads, and speeches I have seen. And many of those hardly give us an accurate portrayal of the man.

Time will tell what kind of man he is, just as it will for all of us individually. Let us not forget, no matter what we tell ourselves, no matter what lies-willingly or unknowingly-we profess to be true, God is the only judge of a man’s heart.

Therefore, as believer’s in a better Way, and citizens of a different Kingdom, and brothers and sisters of Barack Obama, now is the time to raise up a man God has seen fit to allow to lead our nation.

We voted for him. Now it is our duty to support him.

We love to throw around the phrase “for such a time as this”.

Unity is knocking on our doors, beckoning for us to welcome her.

For such a time as this.



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