One project I’m currently involved in is making a documentary-like feature about the closing of my school.

As such, there have been many groups around campus that have popped up, expressing the voices and opinions of the student body, most of which have seemed rather unorganized to me.

Call me old, but I’ve come to learn the value of competent skills in organization.  I’m still developing those skills myself.  But there’s one group that has stuck out to me, and I wanted to direct your attention their way.

When you get the chance, visit TUFW Impact, especially if you’re a Taylor student with a story.

What they’re trying to do is collect ideas, stories, and facts concerning the recent events that have befallen us.  If you have a story of your own, or perhaps you just want to sound off with your own opinions, I encourage you to check them out.

Now, returning to the documentary I mentioned: I’m looking for other students who are interested in “getting the word out”, and for lack of a better term, “documenting” the transition process.  I plan on working with the members of TUFW Impact in production, as well as a group of talented and gracious film makers from Huntington University.

Any ideas you may have, or if you’re slightly intrigued and wish to ask questions, feel free to contact me on here, Facebook, or by email.

If you’re not a student of TUFW, and have no idea what the heck I’m even talking about, perhaps you can spend your time pondering why Jesus is able to edge out Big Bird in a general election by just enough.

My guess is they didn’t like his posse.

Snuffaluffagus was never real, bird.  Move on.



One thought on “Impact…

  1. Shawn Harrison says:

    Two things:

    Count me in with helping man. I would love to be apart of this.

    Second thing, SNUFFY IS REAL – YOU JERK!!!!!

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