Life vs. everything else…

I’m watching Larry King interview Joel and Victoria Osteen, and something has struck me.

Joel just explained that he thinks the purpose of the Gospel is to inform people that Jesus Christ came and died for our sins so that we may have salvation.

Nothing wrong there.  This is something I’ve heard countless times, and have believed most of my life.

But the thing I’m struggling with is that we focus so much on His arrival and departure, but not as much on His duration.

Why don’t we say He “came, lived, died, only to live again, so that we might do the same”?

We seem to skip over the details and examples of Jesus’ life, and as a result, I think we miss out on a crucial portion of His ministry.

During exceptionally rough times like today (by American standards, at least), I think there is much to be taken from the descriptions of His life.  Of course, even if times weren’t like they were, that would still be just as true.

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2 thoughts on “Life vs. everything else…

  1. Tim says:

    Totally! There is so much we can learn from how He lived his life, although I always wonder what he was up to in his teens & 20’s.

  2. Yes! The Gospels are full of amazing things said by Jesus – His commandments to us. And you’re right, there is so much to be gained from Him while he walked in the flesh as well as through His death and ressurection.

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