A Resolution Addendum…

One of the things I’ve been learning lately is that I haven’t learned much.

This has been intensified by the fact that I spend more time doing other, trivial things than I do spending time reading God’s Word.

Things like surfing the internet, playing video games, reading good, but not as important books, playing the Wii, etc.

I would venture to say that this probably isn’t a good thing.  Now I’m not saying that in order to truly be learning and growing as someone who follows Christ, you have to spend eight hours a day with your nose in your Bibles.  Of course, that probably wouldn’t hurt you too much, but it still misses the point.

The point is that if I truly believe Christ is my rock and comforter, why then do I not spend more time studying the words He spoke to you and me?

I’ll spare you whatever righteousness I may seem to have in saying all of this with this little information nugget: I have probably spent, on average, .04 minutes a day reading Scripture this past year.

So, if there’s anybody that needs to start picking up the slack, it’s me.  That is why I’m adding another goal to my resolutions for 2009: spend more time reading the Bible each day, than I do other unimportant tasks.

Now, what tasks are to be considered unimportant, I’m not entirely sure yet.  But I do know that I fill my day with plenty of them.


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One thought on “A Resolution Addendum…

  1. Jar,

    Love the transparency of your writing … keep goin!

    While I was searching for something today I came across this:
    ttp:// money/villefreak666/money-saving-jar.jpg?o=1

    which made me think of you!

    peace, jamie

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