Pics, Screams

A proud day for you and your family…

I wrote earlier about a Christian alternative to Facebook, called

Now I hate it when people bash something without first trying it out, so I decided to face my hypocrisy and give Faithout a try, just to see if it could possibly rock my world.

My world remains firmly unrocked.

Sadly, and as expected, my ideas were confirmed. If you’re looking for a cheap, near-carbon copy of Facebook that can make you feel just a little more self-righteous than you already do, then Faithout is your kind of place.

To give you a taste, here are some comparison screenshots of my Facebook and Faithout accounts:

If you’ve had your Facebook account for awhile, you perhaps remember the old layout.  Anything look familiar?

I’m sorry, but I can not take you seriously if your purpose is to provide a safe alternative that is a shoddy imitation of someone else’s creative genius, just because you don’t like the advertisements that pop up on your site due to user gathered information from your own page.  And if I, a brother in faith, can not take you seriously, just imagine how difficult it would be for someone who isn’t.

What’s next, a Christian version of Guitar Hero?

Oh wait…awesome.

John 11:35.


P.S. Check out Faithout, then add me so we can “expand our fellowship”.


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