Twitter: what you’re missing out on…

I’ve gotten the same look from many people when telling them about Twitter, one of my all-time favorite social networking sites.

The looks borderline indifference and incredulity, with a little bit of eye-rolling for good measure.

I’ll spare you any attempt to fully explain what Twitter is, and share with you a quick, yet annoyingly narrated video:

Other than being named for something sounding like a bodily function, Twitter has been a driving force amongst forward thinking types who are interested in social media.  Though you could say that I was late to the game, I like to think that I’m a member of the small, yet ever-growing group of people who understand the value of Twitter, or at least the services it offers.

If you’re a fan of Facebook status updates, whether updating your own or reading someone else’s, then Twitter is certainly for you.  But, like so many other people I’ve talked to, you’re probably wondering why Twitter is so cool if it’s basically just the same thing as a Facebook status.

Well, that’s because Twitter is pretty much Facebook status on steroids.  We’re talking Roger Clemens level steroids here.  Perhaps even Barry Bonds-like, though that has yet to be proven.

To give you an idea why I like Twitter, I’ll list some of my very real, famous friends that you may have heard of.  Friends like:

Now, I’ve had small conversations-as in they literally acknowledged my existence-with most of the people listed above.  Only through the magical land of Twitter would this be possible.

What’s one of the best things about Twitter?  It’s easily accessible from virtually anywhere on the planet, even if you don’t have a computer at hand.  You can send and receive status updates via your mobile phone; and if you have a smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), there is a litany of third party applications available to you for free.

I know that all of this may make me seem like a web 2.0 nerd, but honestly, we’re talking about the future here, and I don’t use hyperbole in describing that.

For example, many churches are now using Twitter to allow people to ask questions right in the middle of a service, and then they’ll answer them before the service is up.  I’ll overlook the obvious in this for the moment, if only to point out that if the Church is readily making use of Twitter, then you KNOW it has to be something big.

I wish I were qualified and able to fully lay out the possibilities, uses, and wonders of this awesome social tool for you, but I suppose that’s best left up to the pros.  If you have other questions about Twitter, or maybe I haven’t cleared up anything whatsoever for you, here are some useful links that could help:

If you’re on Twitter, or are about to start using it, @me.  You’ll know what the means.



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