Ministry is Inconvenient…

It’s true.

No matter what facet of ministry you are involved in, there is an element of inconvenience that will at one point ruin your day.  That’s the price we pay when engaging in ministry.

The problem for many, especially myself, is that we haven’t mastered the art of being inconvenienced.

I can easily become frustrated, angered, and annoyed with changes in plans.  While I’m more a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy, I still find great comfort and ease when there is a routine or expectatant action.  When obstacles come in the way of that routine or expectation, it’s difficult for me to relent on the things I want.

That’s detrimental to ministry.

So if you’re working with squatter parks in Africa, or youth groups in Manchester, Indiana, be ready for the inconvenience of it all.  It’s going to happen.  Trust me.

The real test is how we respond to it.


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