Everybody have fun tonight…

Adam Lehman is a youth pastor from somewhere in Ohio (I’m horrible with locations) and his blog is one of the many I subscribe to.  His post today was especially convicting, as it’s a common problem for college students.

Go ahead and click on over to Adam’s site, read the post, then read the Scripture.  Or in whichever order you prefer, just as long as you do it.

If I were to personalize Isaiah 5:11-12, I have a feeling it would go something like this:

Be careful if you’re someone who wakes in the morning seeking something entertaining to do first thing.  Or if you stay up past midnight just because you’re bored and want to play around on your computer.

You may have the latest iPod, BlackBerry or iPhone, and even a Macbook Pro, but your appreciation for God’s work is limited.

What might this passage look like for you?

Thanks, Adam.  I needed to hear this.



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