Tithe with your iPhone?

I just received my Square card reader in the mail the other day, and I couldn’t be more excited to actually use it sometime soon.

What is the Square Card Reader?


It’s a nifty little device that allows you to accept payments via credit/debit cards right on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices only). Everything is secure, and Square has even been FDIC certified. If you go to Square’s website, you can register for an account and get a free card reader in the mail within a few days.

While discussing this nifty little device with a few friends of mine, the topic of churches using it for tithing came up. I personally think this would be an excellent way for churches to give their congregations another option for tithing, as many don’t carry cash on them nowadays.

Obviously, there is a bit of reluctance in a lot of churches to adopt certain technologies, and to some degree, I can see where their hesitance comes from, though I don’t share in it.

What do you think? Is this something churches should consider offering their members? Does it reach a little too far for your tastes?

As always, the comment section is open for discussion.


2 thoughts on “Tithe with your iPhone?

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  2. This is an interesting topic for discussion. The Square allows for even easier consumer interaction in most cash-only places (I was stoked to use it recently at Four Cups, as well as at a concert merch table), but it doesn’t allow for the same discretion in the tithing envelopes within the church. I personally think the Square would be an excellent addition to the church, and I think tithing would go up considerably.

    Then again, aren’t we supposed to give with willing hearts? Even if you already feel pressured to give with each passing collection plate, would the Square make it easier to give, but harder to give willingly?

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