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My thoughts on Apple’s latest iPhone…

If you’re even minimally aware of what today meant for the tech industry, you know that Apple just unveiled its latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S. It’s a relatively nice bump in specs, with the addition of an 8MP camera, ability to shoot 1080P HD video with video stabilization (a big addition), the much vaunted A5 processor (the same used in the iPad 2), and 1 GB of RAM. For anyone who doesn’t understand what all of that means, it’s a much faster phone, with the ability to shoot video and photos better than nearly any point-and-shoot camera. The main thing that hasn’t changed is the form factor.

The iPhone 4S will look nearly exactly the same as the 4, with only a few minor changes in the antennae’s design. For some, this is viewed as a bit of a loss, as they were hoping for a largely redesigned phone, not just a spec bump.

In my opinion, that’s a moot point. The iPhone 4’s design has been almost universally lauded as the best of the best, so what’s the rush in drastically redesigning something that already looks gorgeous?

Personally, I think the idea of this not being #5 is where a lot of people are getting stuck, as it lends a certain bit of newness and mystique to the phone’s all around allure. Anyone who really appreciates the performance and capabilities the new iPhone will bring to the table won’t find it to be an issue they’ll give two thoughts about. It’s a major improvement on what is literally the best selling phone of all-time. You can’t really get upset about that.

Ultimately though, what excites me even more than the initial specs bump is the release of iOS 5, and the launching of the Siri Assistant function (available in the 4S, but none of the previously released models due to the amount of processing power needed that comes only in the latest version). If you don’t know what Siri is yet, peep the video below:

Pretty neat, eh?

So what do you think? Did Apple knock another one out of the park, or is this just a “meh” announcement? Will you be getting the new iPhone?


I was probably wrong…

via Shawn Blanc, it’s speculated that the reason for Siri’s 4S exclusivity lies not in its processing power, but because…

“a good amount of Siri’s processing is being performed in the cloud on Apple servers. Therefore, limiting Siri to just the iPhone 4S could be a way of throttling initial usage while it is still in its beta stages.”

That makes sense.


5 thoughts on “My thoughts on Apple’s latest iPhone…

  1. Siri looks so awesome! Yet I do wonder if it will work. I know i have some voice activation on my phone and it doesn’t actually work have the time. I would like to see how accurate it is, but still a good concept to think about.

  2. Brad says:

    Hey I also enjoy your excitement for the new iPhone. Even though I don’t currently own an iPhone I sure am an Apple fan. It sure does seem that Apple continues to be on the cutting edge of technology these days, but I’m not exactly sure if this new SiRi assistant program is the first of it’s kind? I own a Droid 2 and it has a similar program that they just call “Voice Commands.” I don’t ever use it, mainly because it takes too long to actually complete a task. Maybe you know more about the differences between the Android’s program and this new Apple program, SiRi? Are there any differences, and is it actually user friendly enough to save yourself time?

    I really like your blog though, keep up the interesting topics!

  3. I agree with Blair about Siri. I think it is an incredible idea, but I am a bit skeptical about it’s performance, at least in the beginning. I also wonder how Siri will effect the battery? They said the battery life will be better, but I still wonder…

    I am going to get it, hands down. I am sick of my droid phone (particularly the brand, not OS) and want to try the iPhone since I love all of my other Apple products. I will say that I think releasing it under the name of the iPhone 5 would have brought more hype, but then again, Apple is genius at their marketing scheme and know a lot more than I do…the hype for the real 5 in a year or so is going to be insane!

    My goal is to pre-order it on Friday morning when the store launches it 🙂

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  5. Siri itself is actually nothing new, as it was available for awhile before this most recent release. What is new about it is its drastically improved functionality and full-on integration into the iPhone 4S, giving you the ability to access much more than the original iteration of Siri did. As for a similar function being available on the Android OS, this is true; but it is not nearly as functional and comprehensive, and there are a number of bugs to be worked out. As for Apple’s Siri Assistant, we won’t really know for sure how awesome it truly is until it goes public and is available once the new iPhone is shipped. My thinking is that there’ll be a steep learning curve for a lot of people, as this type of technology is truly groundbreaking, and some would even say a real game-changer. But because of that, we will see a lot of people not fully understanding its uses, as well as some bugs that will probably have to be worked out in an update to come later, as I can’t imagine it will be a perfectly seamless release right off the bat.

    As for the battery life, Andrew, it IS stated to be an improvement over the iPhone 4, with at least one hour more of 3G talk time. The only thing that strikes me as off is that there is 100 hours LESS of standby mode, which seems incredibly…well, off. My guess, as well as a number of tech pundits, is that the Siri function will have the potential to drain a bit of power as it runs in the background. I hope that isn’t the case though. *crosses fingers*

    All in all, I’m really excited. Obviously.

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