I’m your biggest fanboy! Part 1

I get hassled a lot by a few of my closest friends for being such an “Apple fanboy”, as they put it.

The best description of what a “fanboy” really is comes from this entry on Urban Dictionary:

A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture…but who lets his passion override social graces.

In all honesty, I hope I never let my appreciation for something override “social graces” in any way whatsoever, but I’ve probably been guilty of this a few times. I’ve had numerous discussions (more often debates) with other “nerds” about Apple vs. Insert Company Here, and almost always I come away with the same thought I had before the discussion even began: Apple just does it better their way.

Whether or not this is true (most of the time it is *wink*) isn’t my point. Rather, I want to dive a bit deeper into this idea of “fanboy-ism” and how it might be justified in some areas, and cloud our judgment in others.

On a personal note: do I think all of Apple’s products are superior in every way to their competitor’s version of a similar product?


I’ve owned an iPhone 4 going on one year now, and there are some things Android offers that I’ve been pining with jealousy for until the latest release of iOS FINALLY quenched my thirst (I’m looking at you, Notification Center).

But if you were to ask me, the overall experience I get while using my Apple products (iPhone, MacBook Pro, hopefully an iPad *crosses fingers and toes for good measure*) is incredibly difficult to match for any competitor.

  • Beautifully designed products (not just things that look pretty, but function amazingly well).
  • Top notch hardware and software that seamlessly works in conjunction with the user.
  • Wonderful customer service every time I am in need of it.

Is it possible that there are other companies that can do these very same things and then some? Absolutely. But therein lies the interesting part: I don’t really care to find out for myself.

That’s probably not the healthiest perspective, but the same could probably be said for having such a passion for technology that I blog about it. Meh.

So over the next four posts, I’ll attempt to deconstruct what it means to be a fanboy (or fanperson, for the politically correct), and how brand loyalty is sometimes a good thing, but not always.

Hopefully we can all learn something from this.

P.S. Apple rules.


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