Fanboy Post 3: Death of an Idol…

As I’ve been reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, I’ve had a few jaw-dropping moments of epiphanic proportions.

Some might be shocked to hear this from such an Apple Fanboy, but Steve was a douche. That’s not the revelation though…

I always knew he was a jerk to a lot of people, but it was sort of lumped with the fact that it was his inherent prickishness that led to him being arguably the greatest CEO of all time. The man was an innovator in the highest degree, and his track record speaks for itself.

But there are a few moments that I was not expecting to be privy to, and that’s all right with me. You see, I have viewed Steve Jobs as a sort of heroic, almost god-like character in the narrative of technology and culture. In a number of ways, he was my idol; the person I truly looked up to without even knowing one shred of intimate personal detail aside from his bout with cancer and that he was adopted. There was really no legitimate reason why I should have held him in such a high regard, but I did anyways, along with millions of other people. He was the ultimate showman, with a knack for getting people to believe what he wanted them to believe, i.e. his reality distortion field.

In the long run, reading his biography isn’t going to change my view of Apple as a company, nor will it disrupt my love for their products. Maybe that’s the mark of a true fanboy, or the exact opposite? I don’t really know.

But I do know that, in spite of all of his weaknesses and failures, Steve Jobs was the perfect man to lead Apple.


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