Pics, Screams

My Big Boy Desk…

I wouldn’t consider myself a business minded type, but suffice it to say, I’ve always had a mild obsession with desk setups and arrangements. In fact, I subscribe to Simple Desks, so perhaps it isn’t as mild as I would like to believe. There’s just something strangely satisfying about seeing a desk that is neat, in order, and as minimal as can be. It helps me to clear my mind in order to get things done.

Now, I’ve been in college for awhile, and thus have been relegated to only what my dorm rooms have provided, which is not exactly top notch, but doable. Since moving off campus this year I have had much more leeway in developing my own space to suit my specific tastes and needs. And I did JUST that this past weekend by purchasing a new desk and office chair.

Upon doing some (very) minor research, a friend and I decided to make the drive to Target (land of all things wonderful) in search of what should have been an easy solution. Only, it wasn’t. There was scarcely anything even remotely appealing, and I left with a slightly sad heart. Thankfully, my friend and I decided to stop in at Office Depot, just to see what their options were. To be honest, I was skeptical, as I assumed there was no way I would find something I liked there at a comparable price to what I would have spent at Target.

Sometimes I love it when I’m wrong.

Before even getting to the desk area, I offhandedly mentioned to my friend, “You know what I really like? Frosted glass. That would be pretty nice.”

Lo and behold, what is the first desk we see? This beauty.

But then I saw the price tag: over 200 smackers. Well out of my price range. *sad face*

After moving on, my friend says to me, “Wait…I think it’s on sale…?”

$99. Thank you, Jesus.

Once the girlish giggling and jumping subsided, it was on to searching for an office chair, which proved to be just as easy. That’s where this guy comes in.

Oh, and at only $89. I can deal with these prices.

Now I have my ideal setup in place, minus some major cord management.

It’s not the greatest quality, but here’s a picture for all of you who care (which is probably just my mom)…

Needless to say, I’m satisfied.




3 thoughts on “My Big Boy Desk…

  1. Looks great! I’ve had a slight obsession with desk set ups for a long time. If there is one thing I don’t like about living on campus it is not having a nice desk space. Oh well, someday.

  2. Brad says:

    I like the new set up man. I need to be looking for a professional looking desk and chair myself soon. I also completely agree with your idea that having a clean desk can help organize your thoughts and allow you to get what you need done. So often I find myself unable to do homework in my room simply because it is too messy. Cleaning it up always does the trick. Thanks.

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