Word a Day

Word a Day: Auspicious

I’m a fan of speaking intelligently, and even eloquently. However, I often run into people who say something along the lines of, “Why people usin’ them big ol’ fancy words and whatnot?” The Word a Day project is where I attempt to do my part in eradicating that sort of mindset, in hopes that we can all grow our vocabularies and learn to express ourselves in more diverse and meaningful ways. Some of these are words I knew before starting this project, some are not. Let’s learn together.

Auspicious – Conducive to success, favorable; giving or being a sign of future success; characterized by success; prosperous

adjective: auspicious

You know those people who just seem to exude success; the ones who—no matter what, whether it’s fair or not—always come out on top, and life always seems to favor? Those people can go suck a lemon. However, they’re also auspicious, which is today’s word.

Don’t confuse the word itself to signify unwarranted favor. That’s something Christians have a death grip on, and we call it “grace”. Auspicious can mean a number of things, so long as it’s characterized by success, promise, and favor. Sort of like how it was quite auspicious of me to have been born a white middle class male in America. Sorry, chicks and minorities; them’s the ropes of inequality.

However, your life can be auspicious by sheer force of will. Do you work hard? Do you make smart decisions? Are you willing to help others in their time of need? Chances are that you will then experience a life of auspicious prosperity, to some degree. Like most things, it’s a matter of perspective, and not to get all Oprah Book of the Month Club on you, that’s the real secret to life.

Can you use it in a sentence, please?

“It was not the most auspicious of fates for you to get kicked in the nuts.”

Do people actually use this word anymore?


There’s definitely been a slight uptick in the past few decades, which appears to be quite auspicious.


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